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Due to either stress or lack materials, she didn't have to use the bathroom, luckily.

A few of her visitors did bring food, the only thing she'd had to eat apart from cum in over two days now, but never much at all. No one freed her or even gave her a break from her restraints, and none asked her for elaboration on her predicament. Men came and went sporadically, at unpredictable intervals, so that she could never get a full block of uninterrupted sleep without being awoken by a dick making its way into her just as she was about to enter REM sleep.

They stood staring at her, naked, hairless, a destroyed vessel awaiting their pleasure.

They took her, roughly, quickly, not even bothering to speak to her, as if she weren't even a person.

Karolina Young is an interesting combination of sweet yet sexy, garbed in inviting purple twist brassiere, their way sweet face beaming with a shy smile, their way layman shut out delightful beauty, and their way vest-pocket-sized shut out fresh assets.

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She heard them fumbling with the combination lock outside her door, the solution to which Daniel had posted publicly online.She could only imagine how sore her jaw would be when this finally came off.On the third night she heard a group of guys enter, maybe six, more than had come at once so far.At first she hoped it was someone coming to rescue her, and then she hoped it wasn't. Prisoner of the endless desire for submission now blossomed within her.When she saw two men, shadowy figures in the night, standing within her doorway, evidently eyeing her and the situation appraisingly, she felt her now well-traveled pussy lubricating itself, apparently hungry for more dick. "It is fuckin' real." The lights flicked on, momentarily blinding her.Instead of releasing her, someone in fact added another layer of bondage, stuffing a large ball gag in her mouth and fastening it tightly behind her head."Whores like you shouldn't be heard." When he departed he just left the gag on her, leaving her to awkwardly slide her tongue around the giant intrusion in her mouth, trying to find a comfortable place for it to rest, struggling to swallow the spit building up in her mouth.We use your feedback to help us improve this site but we are not able to respond directly.Please do not include personal or contact information.:-) Hope you liked smooth and slightly trimmed pussy mound photos and come back again.Check out beautiful wet pussy collection of hot videos where petite hotties are getting stuffed by big juicy cocks and licked by playful tongues.

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