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The Commonwealth, state and territory governments policing initiative also helps people to recognise and avoid common cybercrimes.

ACORN educates and advises about common cybercrime, such as hacking, online scams, online fraud, identity theft and attacks on computer systems, and advises victims.

A child or their parent/guardian can lodge a complaint to the commissioner if they have reported the material to the specific social-media site first and did not receive an outcome.

The commissioner will have the power to investigate complaints into cyber-bullying and conduct investigations as he or she sees fit.

The Children’s e Safety Commissioner is an independent statutory office within the Australian Communications and Media Authority to administer cyber-bullying complaints.

The commissioner will also promote children’s online safety, co-ordinate relevant Commonwealth department, authority and agency activities, conduct, accredit and evaluate educational and community awareness programs, make grants and advise the Communications Minister.

Some jurisdictions have specific anti-bullying laws, while others use existing laws to prosecute cases.

Victoria also has its own anti-bullying and sexting laws.

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Chloe was called ugly, teased for not having a mother, thrown against lockers, called horrible names and socially excluded. Chloe tried to brush it off, but the bullying affected her confidence.

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More info Cybercrime can now be quickly and easily reported online.

The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) allows secure online reporting of online crimes.

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