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I was catfished, stood up, and lied to multiple times. One guy had a girlfriend and was looking for someone to ‘join the relationship’ (yes a threesome) another had a girlfriend, (I only found out when she tracked me down and sent me an e-mail with photographic evidence warning me of his ‘ways’ and a thinly veiled warning of b*tch get away from my man).

There was the sexy ex-military guy turned comedian who lived with his mum, the gun enthusiast who ran me through what he’d do to an intruder (taser them until they poop themselves wait for them to wake and taser them again apparently), the super nice Spaniard (there was no spark but we loved the bottomless champagne and orange juice at brunch), and the lumbersexual I met while shooting a movie (he was an extremely tall hipster and I wondered if he’d ever actually chopped wood). The good guys I dated were a bit middle of the road with no spark. No one freaked when they saw I was fat in real life as well as in my dating profile. He said he was single (he’d been married 33 years). He said he was a property developer (he was a CFO for a rapper worth 0M).

If I say no, then they either unmatch me or insult me physically. READ MORE: I tried 3 different dating apps – here’s what I've learnt When I decided to write this, I decided to ask my Twitter fam about their dating experiences and I got quite a few responses from many different women around the world.She’s also dated other men from dating sites who seemed less than happy with her body and brought it up often or who were visibly unhappy about it.“Then I dated a guy off of POF (Plenty Of Fish) who wound up being a controlling jerk but really poured on the I love yous and brought up my size a lot.I persuaded myself through cliches, “It’s a numbers game. Every lid has a teapot.” And with that 50 Fat Dates was born.Also, because plus size dating is a taboo, because so many big girls (including me) have been told they’re ‘too fat to date,’ because I wanted to find out what guys really think about dating plus size women and because I needed to put myself out there! Although based on the response I’m sure that would have been possible. I tried online dating, meetups, introductions, dating events, big girl night clubs, conferences, weddings, and networking mixers.The quest for 50 Fat Dates continues so keep an eye out for date #19.I’m going back to my ‘type’ and see what happens this time.Although, (spoiler alert) one of the 50 Fat Dates actually did come knocking on my door.He was a plumber sent by the landlord to fix the toilet and we ended up on a date (he was #17).Which may not point to her size, but it does make it obvious that men can be trash.“Then I dated a guy off of POF (Plenty Of Fish) who wound up being a controlling jerk, but really poured on the I love yous and brought up my size a lot.

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