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I doubt there is a newsroom in the world that wouldn’t benefit from understanding the cultural issues laid out below. The Times needs to do a better job of resurfacing archival content.

The report cites Gawker repackaging a 161-year-old Times story on Solomon Northup timed with the release of The report proposes restructuring arts and culture stories that remain relevant long after they are initially published into guides for readers.

The feature had 338,000 users and “unusually high engagement rates” even though it was hard to find and laborious to sign up for.

It considered improving its tagging efforts in 2010, but the paper decided not to pursue it.

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“Very few articles from a typical day’s paper will garner this much traffic in a month.” Readers spent an average of 2 minutes and 35 seconds on a Kristof story from 1996, for example.The earliest reporting, at least, doesn’t seem to suggest lack of digital vision as a leading significant factor.Baquet had made his biggest marks as an excellent reporter, editor, and manager, not as an online innovator.For example, at Pro Publica, “that bastion of old-school journalism values,” Meanwhile, outlets like The Huffington Post “regularly outperform” the Times in terms of traffic, simply by aggregating and repackaging Times journalism.Regarding the deployment of this strategy around Times coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death, a Huffington Post executive said: by Times reporters and staffers that have been effective.We don’t typically write about intra-newsroom politics at Nieman Lab, leaving that to Manhattan’s very capable cadre of media reporters.But Abramson’s removal and Dean Baquet’s ascent has apparently inspired someone inside the Times to leak one of the most remarkable documents I’ve seen in my years running the Lab, to Myles Tanzer at Buzz Feed.“Though all readers would see the same top news stories, the other articles we show them would be customized to reflect what they haven’t seen.” But in order to accomplish this, the newsroom must clarify how much personalization it wants on the website and on the apps; it’ll be difficult to move forward without knowing that. What they choose to follow could be sent to a “Following Inbox.” They could also have alerts sent to their phone or email.Before the website redesign, the only way readers could get notified of favorites was by email.I’ve spoken with multiple digital-savvy Times staffers in recent days who described the report with words like “transformative” and “incredibly important” and “a big big moment for the future of the Times.” One admitted crying while reading it because it surfaced so many issues about Times culture that digital types have been struggling to overcome for years.I confess I didn’t feel anything quite so revelatory when I read last week’s leaked version — which read like an indoor-voice summary, expected and designed to be leaked to the broader world. (Or at least as raw as digital strategy documents can get.) You can sense the frayed nerves and the frustration at a newsroom that is, for all its digital successes, still in many ways oriented toward an old model.

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