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Bentley, Jackson's preachy character, tells our heroes that they each need to think about who they really are, since they only have one life to live, etc.Bentley's charges initially roll their eyes, like any good adolescents should.'s main source of novelty is its deviation from its source material's central premise.While the first film — and Van Allsburg's book — followed children who play a deadly board game that introduces jungle animals and natural elements into the "real" world, 's version of the game, players inhabit the bodies of characters like Dwayne Johnson's charismatic adventurer Smolder Bravestone and Kevin Hart's whiny zoologist Franklin "Moose" Finbar.But this film struggles as much as it does because its creators rely implicitly on coming-of-age cliches and teenage stereotypes.This is the kind of movie that frequently tells you, through otherwise endearingly cornball dialogue, what it's about — kids: you can become your best self even if you don't like who you are now!

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It would be even more impressive if Spencer, the main character that Fridge is used to prop up, weren't such a bore.— while practically endorsing another set of values entirely (kids: you can only feel good about yourself by role-playing as superficially attractive characters whose only positive qualities are skin-deep! By trying to teach kids how to feel good about themselves, is as obnoxious as it is, you first have to look at the way its four hormonal characters are introduced.All four teens are lectured by their high school principal (Marc Evan Jackson) before they even enter the game world of Jumanji (also the name of the video game's jungle).Self-absorbed jock Fridge (Ser' Darius Blain) must learn to appreciate his estranged, nebbish ex-BFF Spencer (Alex Wolff).And snotty popular girl Bethany (Madison Iseman) has to take cues from misanthropic, uh, outcast Martha (Morgan Turner).Spencer, playing as Johnson's Bravestone, is supposed to be the emotional glue that holds the team together.But he's rather aimless as far as moral compasses go.There's presumably some manner of reciprocity at play here, but it's ultimately unclear what Martha gains from Bethany's tips on how to flirt with boys or what Spencer learns from Fridge..any time.Still, let's play along and see how these characters learn how to feel better in their own skins.Fridge's big moment of clarity comes when he, in character, de-fangs a snake using Finbar's innate zoological knowledge.Realistically, he saves somebody simply because he has the presence of mind to worry about other people.

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