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He also cites 60s R&B, Pavarotti, and Beethoven as influences, as well as his elementary school teacher, a woman from South Africa named Ruth.Alexander enjoyed listening to hip-hop as a teenager, and originally intended to be a rapper.While their relationship did not last, the group took off in a big way, and their group soon swelled to more than 10 members, some of whom had been Alex's friends since he was young. Their first album, Up from Below, was released in July 2009.

Alexander's song "Bad Bad Love" was the opening song for the 2011 remake of Fright Night, starring Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin. Ebert's song "Truth" is featured in the credits of the Oscar-winner short live-action film Curfew.

In 2010 the band announced the upcoming release of their new album, Another Man's Treasure, and released the song "Ruthless" on the Internet.

They are now being represented by the Werewolf Heart label.

On January 12, 2014, Ebert won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score for his musical score to the film All Is Lost (2013).

Ebert was born in Los Angeles in 1978, the son of a psychotherapist, Michael Ebert, and actress Lisa Richards.

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