Nintex error updating a list item validating a date in java

However, in a Nintex workflow using the “Update Item”, the screen only shows a single line.There is no way to distinguish between the Web address and the description.These are the variables in this workflow: The Workflow Design looks like this : From the above screenshot, the workflow isn't complex at all.

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This interesting question came up on the Nintex Community - Making the workflow wait for one of 4 fields to change.

Run the below (attached as well as a *file for your convenience) Power Shell script (Power Shell ISE works well) from a Share Point Server: Add-PSSnapin Microsoft. Powershell -Error Action Silently Continuefunction Cancel-SPWorkflow()function Get-SPWorkflow()$(Get-SPWeb Items | Get-SPWorkflow | where | Cancel-SPWorkflow To use the script, replace Document Library with the URL of the site and list title you wish to execute the script against.

The main goal of the Update List Item action in a Share Point Designer workflow is to update the values of fields of one item that is located in a Share Point list or a Share Point document library.

We only want to execute the necessary code if either of those fields change.

I tried Mark's approach with a calculated column and you cannot wait for change on calc columns. We created a column that we hide from the users that combines both fields and wait for change on that field. I'll be happy to share the approach if you think others might be interested.

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