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But we didn't know the guy would be going through our rooms like that." In other words, the show was fake — sort of. Watch the video below to find out whether or not is fake!Iconic Moments From 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' That Were Fake All Along Are the 'Real Housewives' Shows Scripted? Although MTV's hit show is no longer on air, people are still wondering if the reactions from contestants were real or if it was all a sham. , which ran from 2003-2009, was every teen's guilty pleasure — it was silly, at times raunchy, and was on pretty much all the time.Me and my friend purposely left a few things out, like as a 'what-if.' The one anime or manga I had — the quote-unquote 'porn comic' under my bed — stayed out.Instead of having the contestants exchange contact info at the end of the episode, the two of them would have a full-on sleepover as a part of their date.

was originally pitched, the production team had a totally different ending in mind.Religious fundamentalists and neo-Marxists now rule whatever's left of civilization.The mood on our little planet is somber, and there is generally little cause for laughter - and yet on a small spacecraft that is orbiting the Earth there is incessant giggling to be heard: two robots and a man are watching early 21st-century baloney and having a ball. The catch: These unsuspecting singles have no idea their rooms are going to be raided until after they're kidnapped from their house." Yet some fans weren't so convinced that the so-called singles were always caught off guard. 2016, Noah Harlan — who was a senior field producer for seven of the nine seasons — said, "The show was called a 'strip,' so it ran five days a week. Before social media all but squashed the idea of TMI, this show pushed boundaries. According to Google, the description states, "This reality show puts a new twist on the dating show where contestants choose a date not by looks or charm, but by what's in their bedrooms.During their own raids, the production crew found tons of illicit objects — from drug stashes to weapons.It wasn't uncommon to find a gun underneath someone's pillow or in their sock drawer.After checking out the tunes on TRL, teens could take part in a voyeuristic journey where bedrooms were invaded and salacious secrets were uncovered.Like every massive production on cable TV, secrets from the making of production crew set up a fake "abduction" to surprise the teen and take them away so their room could be raided.was accompanied by the infamous blacklight — the tool used to swipe over people's floors, pillows, and sheets to expose sexual activities.After the first season, the blacklight totally disappeared, but what happened to it?

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