On October 11, 1932, the directors of the MAAA announced the turning over of the hockey club in its entirety to E. Hamilton and Ogilvie at a meeting of the Province of Quebec Hockey Association. Following the game the Stanley Cup was the awarded to Montreal Victorias as 1895 AHAC Regular Season Champions.

The club was to be renamed the Royal Hockey Club or Montreal Royals, independent of the association. Montreal HC has never been recognized as a Stanley Cup champion in 1895.

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The inscription on the Cup when it was successfully defended in 1894 only stated "Montreal".

The MAAA, at one point, considered the hockey club to have seceded from the organization that bore them.

The issue was resolved in later years, after various attempts at reconciliation.

and its players became the core of the very successful Montreal Wanderers which was a professional club.


The team won the AHAC title from 1888 until 1894, and won the Canadian Amateur Hockey League title in 1902.Figure, glamour, erotic, nude and adult modeling jobs in Canada.They were affiliated with Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (MAAA) and used the MAAA 'winged wheel' logo. Several of the players were members of the Montreal Lacrosse Club.The team was the first to win the Stanley Cup, in 1893, and subsequently refused the cup over a dispute with the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association. The team played its first game on January 20, 1885 against Mc Gill University, The club would be a founding member of the Montreal-based Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) in 1886.The club is variously known as 'Montreals', 'Montreal AAA' and 'Winged wheel' in literature. The team held the Amateur Hockey Association title from 1888 until 1894.The group was captained by James Creighton before he moved to Ottawa, and would play at the Victoria Skating Rink. After accepting the trophy, the hockey club remained adamant about returning the trophy that was presented to them.The first president of the team was Thomas Fraser and the first team was composed of T. In the end, the MAAA investigated into why its hockey club wanted to refuse and return the trophy, even though such an action would damage the reputation of the MAAA.After two seasons of playing with professionals, the club left its league, the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association to continue playing in amateur competition. At the time, the Montreal Hockey Club was in a dispute with its parent organization, the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (MAAA).It would go on to win the Allan Cup in 1930, the successor of the Stanley Cup as the trophy given to Canadian amateur hockey champions. The MAAA was split on whether to accept the trophy.The team played two seasons with professional players, in 19–08, in the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association, and after that no longer competed for the Stanley Cup, which was for professional teams.The club then joined the Interprovincial Amateur Hockey Union, competing for the Allan Cup, the championship for senior amateur teams in Canada, and winning it in 1930. A was also transferred.defeated Queen's University 5–1 in Stanley Cup Challenge game.

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