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You will be required to make a down payment for availing this option. Can I choose any combination of pieces for my sofa set? However, the combinations we have created are easy on the pocket compared to buying individual pieces and creating your own set. We will collect the balance (through the card on delivery option) when we deliver the product. Here is how you can place an order: (a) Click on 'Order Your Set' on the top right of the page.(b) Choose one of the pre-defined sets (E.g. You could also choose additional sofas (1 or 2 or 3 seater) to add to your set.(c) Click 'BUY NOW' and pay 25% of the total cost using our payment gateway.(d) Choose “Interest Free EMI (Bajaj Finserv)” to apply for a loan with Bajaj Finance Limited. Since sofas are manufactured against your order, we require you to pay an advance of 25% of the total amount.These coffee shops were so impressive that, in the 17th century, "building a grand coffee-house became one of the first things Ottoman rulers did in newly conquered cities, to demonstrate the civility of their rule," University of London professor Markman Ellis wrote in his 2004 book .Over the course of the 1500s, rulers and religious leaders denounced coffee as a poor influence that could lead to gambling and improper sexual relations.Different floors may have a slight incline that may not be noticeable to the naked eye; in case the sofa wobbles unevenly on your floor, we will do the needful to make sure it stands firm. Will my sofa fit in through the stairs and doorway?

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At this point, we are unable to assist with sofa care services such as cleaning the sofa / changing cushions. We believe that the product we offer is distinctive in terms of design, comfort, quality and function and comes to you at a very attractive price.Though Ethiopians were the first to brew coffee, the earliest coffee shops came in the mid-16th-century Ottoman Empire, a regime at the height of its power and wealth.Some at that time were small neighborhood joints, while others were Empire-funded, and could feature terraces, views of the river or city walls, and lamps to allow the joe-drinking to extend long into the night.As an industry standard, we allow for a maximum of a 10% variation.If this threshold is crossed, we reject the fabric batch.On the one hand, a 2015 study by two researchers at the online real-estate company Zillow found that homes closest to Starbucks locations experienced a 4 percent greater appreciation than those further away.On the other, that same year independent researchers mapped the relationship between rent prices and coffee shops in San Francisco between 20 and concluded that many of the coffee shops they located predated a spike in housing prices.Weird Wave Coffee Brewers has become the center of anti-gentrification protests, and, last week, a vandal shattered its glass front door in what several reporters have interpreted as a gesture in support of these "White Wave" protests.Yet despite the popular narrative that exists, scholars remain divided over whether coffee shops can actually usher in a class shift in a neighborhood, or whether high-end coffee shops follow in the wake of an uptick in housing prices.As an industry standard we allow for a maximum of 1 inch tolerance.A lot of care has gone into choosing the materials that go into making your sofa.

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