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Therefore, many special-order Ballards were produced by both Marlin and custom gunsmiths. Marlin and The Marlin Fire Arms Company had a schnabel front end and were of at least three different shapes.

Among the various standard models can be found at least four types of barrels, three types of receivers, three different types of extractors, eight different levers, three different triggers, two types of hammers, four different-shaped butt plates, four variations of buttstocks, three types of breech blocks, and numerous types of front and rear sights. Throughout the years of production, Ballard's were available in a wide range of calibers.

While we realize that some ammunition guides show interchangeability between some of these rounds (5.56 in .223 Remington or 7.62 x 51 in .308 Winchester), use of and NATO cartridges is not recommended in a gun chambered for the commercial variation of the cartridge.

There are large pressure discrepancies between these two versions of a similar cartridge which could result in damage to the firearm or expedited wear on the gun itself.

General information concerning reloading may be obtained from the National Rifle Association through their online store at

Reloading manuals and recipes are available through the following companies: Alliant Powder-- (800) 276-9337IMR Powder-- (518) 563-2253Accurate Powder-- (800) 416-3006Hodgdon Powder-- (800) 622-4366 Nosler Bullets-- (800) 285-3701Sierra Bullets-- (800) 223-8799Hornady Bullets-- (800) 338-3220 Many consumers request information regarding the use of NATO ammunition in their firearms.

Am I missing a part of the charts that lets me pin down the year?

Thanks in advance, Hey there John -- You have a 1972 vintage gun - the first year of the reintroduction of the 1895.

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Many Cowboy Action Shooting events and sanctioning bodies require "Period Correct" reproduction or original firearms.This would require either the modification of the magazine tube to permanently restrict it , or the addition of a magazine plug similar to one used in a shotgun magazine. All Ballards prior to Marlin's production were for use only with rim-fire ammunition.Marlin does not offer a magazine tube plug, but one can easily be fabricated from a wooden dowel rod or other suitable material. Marlin started manufacturing the Ballard rifle in 1875 and it remained in production until about 1890. Marlin-manufactured Ballard had both numerical and noun model designations.As in the other place, if you see a problem, let me know, so I can add too, or fix. Marlin Serial Number and Date codes Ver.2-0...(96.31 KB)Page 1 Marlin Models Production Dates Ver.These are Version 2-0 ( Hyphenated) Updated info on Serial number page, and Page 1 of the Production dates. ...(79.76 KB)Page 2 Marlin Models Production Dates Ver....(75.19 KB)Brian aka "Rooster"Colorado Dinger Ringer Association, Plank Owner Wyoming Dinger Ringer Association, Plank Owner Happen Z Attendee"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good." - George Washington Thanks for posting this. So it looks like the number I was trying to look up (serial #300... Yup, mine looks pretty much like that, with the addition of a clamp on sling swivel on the barrel and a scope.In all, there were 20 cataloged and identified models of Ballard rifles manufactured by J. They do require fitting by a qualified gunsmith and are restricted to FFL licensed shops.Big loop levers will not fit rifles with straight grip style stocks.Repairs Services To provide enhanced repair and return service, we are now requiring that consumers contact our customer service team at: 800-544-8892 to obtain a Service Request Number (SRN) prior to shipping any product to the Company or Authorized Service Center.This will allow for improved tracking of returns and ensure all consumers benefit from a faster and more reliable process.We do not recommend using any cartridge in any firearm whose barrel stamp does not match the head stamp of the cartridge exactly.We can no longer service some discontinued and older models.

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