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Han har jobbat sedan tidig 90 tal med IT uppdrag på Ericsson i Sverige & Sydamerika med specialisering inom “Radio networks” område. Janne läste några av mina artiklar om just profilbild på Linkedin och blev lite nyfiken om vad jag skulle kunna åstadkomma.

Han har en otroligt gediget CV och en lång lista meriter. Jag berättade för honom mina strikta regler om hur en linkedin profil bör se ut för att ge max resultat.

In such instances a general account of the group is given, emphasizing those aspects of its biology that are of importance in terms of conservation, stressing its scientific interest and value to man, and outlining the types of threat to the species. They are small and easily handled, multiply rapidly, can be grown on synthetic media, and through asexual reproduction can provide batches of uniform test organisms. In the early 1960s, experiments in Greece showed that Spongia officinalis regenerated well if cut pieces were attached to plastic cords (M).

The species accounts follow the standard l UCN RDB format with a few modifications. Members of the Terahymena pyriformis species complex are used widely as microassay organisms in the detection of essential amino acids, vitamins and proteins and in testing the toxicity of various substances (3,15). The planting operation is relatively simple, and could be concentrated in a small area to save time in harvesting. Report on the sponge fishery of Florida and the artificial culture of sponges.

Janne är en “senior consultant” med mångårig erfarenhet inom IT och jobbar på Sylog.

Sylog är specialiserade konsulter inom Systemutveckling, Teknik och IT.

The book is divided into sections on phyla, with the Arthropoda being further divided between the Chelicerata, Insecta and 'Myriapoda'. Sewage processing is dependent on ciliated Protozoa that, by their predatory activities on bacteria, clarify the effluent (9,15). which, although not entirely successful, provided useful information (9).

In this respect the Invertebrate RDB resembles the Plant RDB, but differs from most of the vertebrate volumes, which aim to include all threatened taxa within their respective classes. Many feed on bacteria, and ciliates play an important role in the purification and removal of pathogenic organisms from polluted water. Belize is reported to have had a successful sponge culturing programme, and in 1939 the Japanese carried out sponge culture experiments in the Marshall and Caroline Is.

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