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Brianne, mother of three from Massachusetts explains quite eloquently: As a couple we had carefully considered and prayed about the timing of having our first child.

We felt strongly, prompted by the Holy Ghost, that it was time to start our family.

LDS Church members are taught that the Book of Mormon (BOM) is scripture, as well as a true record of the inhabitants of the Americas from about 2200 BC to 420 AD.

Although it serves primarily as a religious text, it is to be interpreted literally as being an actual, historical record of the inhabitants of the ancient Americas.

My good friend and her husband were considering having their second child a few years ago and felt very strongly that that was not the right time.

Over the next few years they went through different circumstances that would have made having a newborn possibly too much for their family.

” and, “Why do all the Mormons I know have so many kids?

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Critics do not accept that the BOM relates an actual history of real people who came to the Americas and were steel-smelting, chariot-driving, Christ-worshipping, temple-building people multiplying into millions, yet left absolutely no trace of their existence.

From the introduction to the BOM: "It is a record of God's dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel." Members are encouraged to focus on the spiritual value of the BOM instead of the historical aspects.

published an article in the Church News section called 'Geography Problems' (p.

Faith in following the Lord’s commandment to “multiply and replenish the earth.”The same pattern holds true even today. We are not in an ideal place financially, career-wise (my husband still in graduate school), or location wise (still in a tiny apartment) to be having three children.

As we moved forward in life and discussed the possibility of more children, step one was always prayer. We have been so blessed by each addition to our family. But, we prayed, received answers and felt impressed to act – even if we were not sure how it would turn out.

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