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BALDING BAY is a pretty good indication that there is going to be lots of BALD PEOPLE there.

So anyway all in all in was a good experience I suppose.

A great big shiny chocolate biscuit with hairy grapes attached confronted me.

I mean, you need to protect your HEAD from the sun don’t you?

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I said to him, listen here you lying turd – you only have to ply me with alcohol and tell me I’m pretty if you want to see me naked.

When we saw the 2 posts at the entry and the incredible view I realised why we had come.

If thought this was to be a lovely relaxing weekend I was wrong.

The first indication that that this may not be a pleasant experience was the initial Booking Of The Hotel.

Or rather it was an old dude in the nude casually reading the paper and sunbaking.

When I looked around there was lots of people naked.

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  1. The untrustworthy outlet is just bombarding its readers with lies. “Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel on Laughing Off Dating Rumors While Working on 'Love, Simon' (Exclusive).” Entertainment Tonight, 8 Mar.

  2. Just wanted to hear some people's thoughts about and perhaps experiences with instructors, including chief instructors, who date their students. Obviously if instructors use their position of power to attact females it may reflect on how you view their ethical standing (which may make you question their motives for teaching), but I would not be one to make moral judgements if they are not affecting you or your collegues. if one is an instructor) tend to have a slight (and healthy) aversion to choosing each other as training partners. I think dating one's students, co-workers (up or down the pecking order), etc. My wife of a dozen years was, during my teaching assistant days, one of my students. I wasn't an instructor (or even an assistant instructor) at the time.