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It has a well-developed Northwest rift zone, a moderately well-developed South- Haulalai has completed its main Tholeiitic Shield Stage, during which normal and picritic tholeiitic basalts were erupted.These lavas are no longer exposed on the subaerial surface but have been dredged from submarine portions of the northwest rift zone.The highest elevation vent produced an enormous aa flow (the Kaupulehu flow) that entered the ocean as 2 discrete lobes.One of these lobes destroyed a Hawaiian village in its path.

These earthquakes are usually from a deep source off the coast of the Northwest rift zone (HVO unpublished data).

In the image to the left, the two main lobes of the 1800-1801 eruption are displayed (Kaupulehu in orange, Huehue in red).

Also shown (in brown) are the 100000 year old trachytes of Puu Waawaa), the 1859 lava flow from nearby Mauna Loa (in grey), and the Kahaluu water shaft (marked by an X""), where Hualalai generated tholeiitic basalts are found only 75 feet below the surface.

However, mapping and C dating studies have indicated that eruptions have occurred in clusters (groups of several eruptions over a few hundred years), separated by several centuries of inactivity.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) has maintained a seismic station located 3 km east of Hualalai's summit since 1971, which is used to monitor the volcano for signs of activity.

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