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The experimenters presented cabbage whites with a choice between leaves that had been grown with more or less fertilizer, and leaves that either did or did not have a dead, carefully posed cabbage white pinned to them. But some preferred the leaves that were especially nutritious.Whats more, these same butterflies avoided leaves that were occupied by other butterflies, where the eggs would face more competition.In genetic selection, an organism produces many kinds of offspring, and only the well-adapted survive.But once you have a brain that can learn, even a butterfly brain, you can adapt to a changing environment in a single generation.

But how far in the animal kingdom does this relationship between learning and life history extend?

That will ensure more reproductive success in the long run.

Sometime or other, almost all of us secretly worry that were just impostorsbumbling children masquerading as competent adults.

Biologists say that, by and large, the smarter species of primates and even birds mature later, have fewer babies, and invest more in those babies than do the dimmer species.

Intelligence is defined, of course, from a human perspective.

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