John frusciante dating 2016

I couldn't get past that." Such lengthy, stream-of- consciousness explanations are typical of the man.

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When your life is plane-gig-bus-plane-gig-bus, your brain goes into overdrive." It wasn't until he quit the band, however, that he became a fully fledged addict. "Taking drugs like heroin and cocaine made me act like myself rather than just a guy sitting on the couch staring off into space.

After being away for three or four weeks at a time, he would come home and go straight into the recording studio.

"It's a strange way to make a record, but that's the only way to do it," he says.

Now she sings for her church and provided backing vocals for the Chili Peppers' hit "Under the Bridge." When, with a rather sinister grin, Frusciante tells me that, when he was four, the voices in his head told him he was going to be a guitarist. "The voices had been explaining all these things to me, and by the time I was seven I was seeing these photographs of Jimi Hendrix and Ace Frehley in magazines. There, he worked studiously at his guitar-playing, copying the chords of his favourite art-rockers - Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson and Frank Zappa.

When he was 17 he went to an audition for Zappa's band, but once there he decided he wouldn't bother playing.

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