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But it seems that his fans and Hollywood didn't want him to grow up, and there were several barren years, in which Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway was the only highlight.He formed a Chicago-based theatre group, The New Criminals, and produced political and avant-garde stage work.It's good to talk about problems in America because it's very dark days." He has been disappointed by the way the Democrats haven't been aggressively fighting the Bush administration at every corner, and there is a definite sense of disillusionment. I'm not going to be swayed by John Wayne iconography or by the argument that the right wing say they own the flag.Dissent is very patriotic, too", that I'm reminded as to why Cusack was my generation's favourite star from the mid-Eighties on.It's as good as it gets." The Weinstein brothers-produced film stars a who's who of Oriental cinema – Chow Yun-Fat, Gong Li, Ken Watanabe, and Babel star Rinko Kikuchi.Cusack describes his character, Paul Soames, as "a classic fish-out- of-water story on some level because he's an American trying to figure out the death of his friend, another US agent who was killed in Shanghai.

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At least Gong is ravishing, which occasionally takes your mind off the gibberish that is going full tilt around her.1941.

The world is at war and John Cusack plays an American spy masquerading as a newspaperman in the only city in China that hasn’t been conquered by the Japanese. Restaurant customers die violent deaths in cold blood before the dessert is served.

Naval intelligence has sent him to this melting pot of international intrigue to find a friend named Connor. gives him access to them all, but doesn’t save him from an interminable series of gunshots, stabbings, explosions and other wounds that leave him with nothing more than a small Band-Aid. The killers are all bad guys, and the only way to tell them apart is by what they’re wearing. It’s not clear what any of them are up to, but doing it in opium dens, casinos and German Embassy dinners to big band jazz music is appealingly photogenic, so the intrigues are never dull.

John Cusack walks into our meeting and says: "We're shooting nights, so if I sound drunk, that's probably why." It's hard to tell if he looks drunk because, ever since he first started capturing the public's attention as a 17-year-old, back in 1983, the actor has had skin so pasty white that it looks like it's yearning for a day out in the sun.

The previous night, Cusack had been at Battersea Power Station filming the climactic scene of the Second World War espionage thriller Shanghai, in which he plays an American expat caught up in shady events in the city in the months leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbour. The shoot-out has four characters who all have to cut deals with each other, and also have to reveal who they are before they have the shoot-out.

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