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Zoosk: is a modern, fun site that is perfect for younger singles.Popular dating sites like Match, e Harmony, Zoosk, and Our Time all offer free trials and/or memberships, so you can test them out until you find the one that’s perfect for you.For example, instant buying through cards don't go throw 9/10 times so you have to use bank transfer which can take 1-3 days and by then the Coin prices have changed. Coinbase is an exchange to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. Only thing is find live support, but I think they will in the future when they expand staff. AFTER BUY BOTCOIN, I HAVE TO WAIT 2 WEEKS FOR THE TRANSACTION BEEN POST, FILL DAYS LATER, I WHEN TO CHECK MY ACCOUNT, FOR MY SURPRISED, COINBASE CLOSE MY ACCOUNT AND I STILL CAN' T FIND THE WAY TO HAVE MY FUNDS BACK, COINBASE IS A SCAM.Another downside is that they didn't actually pay out the "refer a friend" bonus. Now by all means don't go spend your life savings on something you are not sure about. Hello Gemini Recommended for all customers to resolve your issues. I lost my phone and it has been over a month and I haven't had access. I would give them no stars if I could and that would be more then they deserve. After setting my limits to ,500 USD, I deposited ,000 USD to my Coinbase USD Wallet from my US-based bank account.I enlarged it so much that it was almost the size of my laptop screen and then cut off any white that was outside of the id itself so that it was fairly big in comparison to the actual id and hopefully readable. 30k and 20k respectively for both companies I cant help but post their services online. Had someone tried to take the time to figure out what was the problem it would have made my life a lot easier. I have the same phone number I just lost prior verification on last phone... After calling after a week they told me it was sent to the WRONG department. It has been a breeze to use, transfers from Nicehash are free, and the fees don't seem unreasonable to me. I'm sure my naivety is considerable in a lot ways, but for simple crypto banking, Coinbase can't be beat.So far they have recovered all the money from both my plus500 and Ivoryoption accounts, contact them to do the same.

Ok Cupid is one of the most well-known free dating sites around, and they promise users that they’ll always be free.

I called Coinbase Support 1(855)750-0786 to recover my bitcoins which were lost as i was scared of loosing my money they started working and really they helped me to get my btc back. It is now 2018, January, 16 and still NO deposit showing. Coinbase policy is deposits can take 2-5 business days to clear due to ACH blah blah blah - well, Coinbase had my money on the 2nd business day, yet did NOT deposit it in my USD Wallet TO THIS DAY! At worst, Coinbase is a fraud, at best, a really messed up company. Even though Coinbase had my money 4 days before the holiday. After I sent them to pay for my medicine I found only left on my account there. The thing is people generally only write a review if they got cheated.

This is the 6th business day (Internationally; yesterday was MLK Jr. On day four (2018-01-12), I called the phone number Coinbase listed with the bank transaction; that number NO LONGER WORKS. And thus from all the reviews (not just this site) you can tell that they screwed over a lot of people (including me).

The new number (888-908-7930) is nothing more than a talking phone tree that does not allow for human interaction at all - at the beginning of the call AND at the end of each message down the tree, the voice directs you to go online to their support site. Let's say that 95% of people have a good experience with the site, what about the remaining 5%.

After going through the miserable "Chat Bot" on Coinbase's support website, I was finally able to send them an email from https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/emails/new ... If a company is not loyal to all its customers then that company should not exist, especially a company dealing with money. Use localbitcoins to trade and bitgo to store, way better and more secure.

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