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There is a very generalized tendency to select the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction around 7 B. Its ramifications eventually included Herod's execution of his own son Antipater, and others, in a show of loyalty to Augustus. The execution, however, created a problem in political bookkeeping. (regnal dating) -- as confirmed by Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Africanus, Hippolytus of Rome, Hippolytus of Thebes, Origen, Eusebius and Epiphanius. Augustus condemned Herod, removed his title "Caesar's Friend" (amic Caesaris), and relegated him to the lower position of "subject." This loss of status was a serious matter.Recent calculations, however, showed that this eclipse was only partial (40 percent total and fairly hard to detect), and that the events narrated by Josephus to have occurred between this eclipse and the Passover that followed are impossible to fit in if one takes the 4 B. All the information in Josephus about Herod's activities between the eclipse and his death fit compatibly with the chronological facts....Just before Herod died, he said: 'I know that the Jews will celebrate my death by A FESTIVAL.' And Schebat 2 (as well as Kislev 7 for the tearing down of the eagle and Tebeth 9 for the sentencing of the rabbis) fits the historical timetable perfectly.It was at this time that Augustus revoked Herod's award as being 'Caesar's Friend' and demoted him to being of subject class. Herod at this time changed his will and completely expunged Antipater's name from memory. And Herod remained alive another three years."This fact has made historians (Ernest Martin, The Birth of Christ Recalculated, 1978/1980) suggest "that Herod's reign was seen to have officially ended with his disgrace, not death, in 4 B.Although this was due to mainly intrigues with the Arabs and Augustus reconciled himself to Herod afterward, Herod was never restored to 'Caesar's Friend.'"At the death of Alexander and Aristobulus, Antipater became 'co-ruler with his father and in no way different from a king' (Josephus, Ant. It is assumed by many that shortly after this Herod died and was succeeded by Archelaus. C., while his successor's appropriated Antipater's regnal years and incorporated them into their own reigns.

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The reigns of the emperors were well-known, and he was certainly aware of Augustus' change of name.Being of royal lineage ("of the Houses of David"), both Joseph and Mary would have had to go specifically to Bethlehem to enroll. This, however, is a myth and finds no support whatsoever among competent historians.Augustus' decree required that all adults pledge their good will to Caesar, and the complete enrollment was presented to him as part of the celebrations. The astronomer and chronologist John Pratt has come to the same conclusion: No satisfactory answer, it appears, has been proposed to this long standing puzzle. This dynasty seemingly ended when Herod came to power who was half Edomite and half Arab. allows us to accept the ANCIENT tradition that the Messiah was born in 3 B. The evidence of history, archaeology and astronomy is now showing that Herod died in early 1 B. Upon his fall from favor with Augustus, Herod had named Antipater as coregent, and now the discredited Antipater's regnal years were no longer valid.""From the time of Judas Maccabee until King Herod the Jews were governed by the priestly family of the Hasmoneans.Nevertheless, the proponents of the theory that Herod died in 4 B. keep repeating over and over again that "Dionysius was wrong" -- even though nobody has ever explained why convincingly! "Incidentally, it is often claimed that Dionysius Exiguus made a four-year error in calculating the date of birth of Christ by forgetting to allow for the four years that Augustus ruled under his original name Octavian.It is an assumption based on a false premise, because Herod did not die in 4 B. Although this claim has been sanctioned by time, IT APPEARS TO BE A MYTH AND FINDS NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER AMONG HISTORIANS.It was apparent that these two sons would someday carry on the Hasmonean rule.Yet, Herod had an older son by a Doris, a commoner, Antipater, who saw these two as a threat to his own rule.For centuries this has been thought to be the eclipse of March 13, 4 B. There is a Jewish document called the Megillath Taanith (Scroll of Fasting) which was composed, initially, not long after the destruction of Jerusalem in A. No one knows why these two days of feasting are commemorated yet they must have been days of joy ordained before the destruction of Jerusalem in A. And interestingly, this latter date fits remarkably well with the January 10th eclipse of Josephus.C., and this evidence of astronomy has had a large part in establishing the dogma that Herod died that year. Herod's death on this very day would have occurred 18 days after the eclipse.

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