Intimidating anal sex

As hot as it'd be to try in the heat of the moment (and succeed), it takes patience and practice and oftentimes requires a whole lot of preparation.

Your anus is a much tighter opening that doesn't self-lubricate, which means you'll need some supplies to make it more pleasurable than painful.

Ok, so it definitely felt Rather than trying to jump right in and go from zero to sixty in a single sesh, let yourself ease into it.

Trying some finger play once or twice before will make you feel a lot more comfortable, both emotionally and physically.

"I think a lot of people, for some reason, have this idea that if you’re going to try kink, you have to go all the way in, and that’s still really intimidating and can actually lead to a lot of difficulties," she tells Womens Health

Testing out nipple clamps or choking during your first foray, for example, may not be the most approachable place to start.

If symptoms persist or you're worried, speak to a GP."There is a lot of misinformation, taboo, and stereotypes that can confuse and cause fear.And what's the first thing your body (and butt) does when you're scared? Which is no way to welcome in a penetrative object.First things first, let's talk about what you’re getting into.Kink means departure from sexual norms, whether that’s by inserting props—handcuffs, feathers, paddles, plugs—into your routine, or exploring sexual fantasies (role play, anyone? Your kink might be sex with multiple partners at once; it might be having your partner use a remote control butt plug on you in public; it might be humiliation; it might be light choking.This adds fun to couple's play and can be a sensual power dynamic in the bedroom.Another fantastic option: our tapered vibrating anal beads, called Triplet.before I tried it and, as a 'try anything once' kind of woman, I wanted to give it a go. Instead, we tried it as part of foreplay, trying anal for a few minutes, then going back to other things (changing the condom, of course). In fact, it’s a great opportunity to mix up the sensations by having them play with your clitoris. You should never try anything you’re not comfortable with, but if you are trying anal for the first time just know that it doesn’t have to be this big, painful deal.But it turned out that it wasn’t anywhere near as scary as I thought it would be. Realising that you can just try it as a part of a larger sexual experience makes it way less of an overwhelming prospect. Take your time, use lube, and stay connected to your partner - it’s way less scary than you think. If you're already past fingers and want something slightly larger, try our Trio Plug, which is a medium-sized, flexible plug that offers incredibly powerful vibration."The amazing thing about vibration is that it's not only a pleasurable sensation, but it also relaxes muscles, exactly what you want to be doing.

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