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After Trafalgar he was made a peer and awarded the title Collingwood had a great love of trees especially oaks, and was known to carry acorns in his pocket just ready to pop into the ground.

He knew better than most that oak was needed to keep the navy supplied with warships.

The wood can be accessed through a wicket gate on the west side of the road.

Once a more populous place than now Hethpool in the Medieval period could boast a brewery, a chapel and a watermill.

It was last recorded as working in 1855 but by 1887 was occupied by a shepherd.

After one crash in particular, the B17 Flying Fortress with a nine-man American crew aboard, came the now legendary story of rescue by local shepherds including John Dagg and his black and white collie, Sheila.

Those in the valley bottom can be easily visited by car or involve just a gentle stroll.

However, the hillforts and the plane crash sites can only be visited on foot, some with quite steep climbs.

The latter was first recorded in 1212 and may well have processed grain grown on the medieval rig and furrow or the well preserved cultivation terraces on nearby White Hill.

The mill stood on the site we know today as Hethpool Mill which is now a holiday home.

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