Gok wan dating tips

A study by the US Census Bureau has found that couples in which...

Cancer patients who turn to complementary medicine are more likely to die, according to new research.

The veteran wildlife presenter said that spending time with nature offered “precious breathing space away...

Ramesses VI was the fifth ruler of the Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt.

Therapies such as homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and specialised diets should only be used alongside conventional...

Sir David Attenborough has urged members of the public to spend 15 minutes counting butterflies because it is good for their mental health.

Away from presenting, Cotton has her own fashion and homeware range with online retailer uk and supports several charities in her spare time.

His mummy lay untouched for fewer than 20 years before pillagers damaged it.

In 2007, she became the first regular female presenter of the Radio 1 Chart Show, which she co-hosted with Reggie Yates for two years.

She went on to present her own Radio 1 show, airing every weekday morning since 2009. In 2007, Cotton presented The Xtra Factor, an ITV2 spin-off from the main show.

The programme revealed that one of her paternal great-grandfathers, Evan Meredith, had been a Welsh coalminer who had endured prison as a conscientious objector to military service in WW1 and in later life became a respected pharmacist.

On her maternal line, the episode found her ancestor, William Gilmour, from Northern Ireland, who strived to improve his lot in the world.

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