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Whatever the Fifteenth Assembly discerns in relation to Proposal (b), Proposal (d) offers the Assembly the opportunity to make an affirmation about marriage that reflects the richness of the conversation on marriage with First Peoples and across the cultural diversity of the Uniting Church.The Standing Committee requests members of Assembly to take time to read this report, and that of the Working Group on Doctrine contained therein.

Following the change to the Commonwealth Marriage Act in December 2017, the General Secretary wrote to Uniting Church authorised marriage celebrants with the requested advice.Among other important findings, the process of consultation and study reflected in the Working Group on Doctrine Report on Marriage and Same-Gender Relationships has confirmed that: The Assembly Standing Committee has provided two proposals to help the Fifteenth Assembly wait upon God’s Word and discern God’s will in relation to this matter.Proposal (b) is offered to help the Assembly discern whether God would have us continue to sustain the diversity of understandings of human sexuality and marriage within this fellowship.The Standing Committee stands with and holds the Fifteenth Assembly in prayer as it listens for the insight and leading of God’s Spirit on this matter.2.RESOLUTIONS FROM THE FOURTEENTH ASSEMBLYThe Fourteenth Assembly in 2015 resolved the following regarding its discussions on the theology of marriage:15.15 Theology of Marriage Discussiona) receive the report on ‘The theology of marriage and same gender relationships within the Uniting Church';b) request the Standing Committee, in consultation with the UAICC and Multicultural and Cross-cultural Ministry, to explore how the Uniting Church can engage in further discussions about marriage and same-gender relationships in culturally appropriate ways; and,c) request the Standing Committee to address immediately, through appropriate mechanisms, the following work:(i) to engage with the continuing work of the Doctrine Working Group as outlined in its report to the Fourteenth Assembly;(ii) to engage with the members of the LGBTIQ community and the wider Church in discussions about marriage and same-gender relationships;(iii) in consultation with the relevant Assembly working groups, to prepare a report to the Fifteenth Assembly with appropriate recommendations, as well as supporting theological, liturgical, pastoral and educational resources; and(iv) in consultation with our ecumenical partners, where appropriate, to investigate the implications of changing the Church’s current relationship with the Commonwealth Government with respect to the conduct of marriages.d) request the President to issue a pastoral letter to the Church affirming that the Uniting Church in Australia seeks to be an inclusive Church that embraces LGBTIQ people as full members of our Church community and is committed to active and culturally appropriate discussion about marriage; ande) request the General Secretary, in the event that the Commonwealth Marriage Act or other relevant legislation is changed, to write to all Uniting Church marriage celebrants, advising them of their freedoms and constraints under that legislation and as celebrants authorised by the Uniting Church.3. INTRODUCTIONThis report from the Assembly Standing Committee is provided to the Assembly in response to Resolution 15.15 made at the Fourteenth Assembly (see page 3 of this report).It sets out the process undertaken during the past triennium to fulfill what it was asked to do; includes the significant report from the Working Group on Doctrine, Report on Marriage and Same-Gender Relationships; and recommendations with rationale from the Standing Committee following its work and the work of the Working Group on Doctrine.It is important to acknowledge that the Eighth, Tenth and Eleventh Assemblies have recognised an enduring disagreement between members of the Church on a range of questions concerning human sexuality.The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Assemblies have engaged the Church in a process of respectful conversation on same-gender relationships and marriage.A report from the Standing Committee was to be brought to the Fifteenth Assembly.Two other requests were made by the Fourteenth Assembly.

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