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Hall also recorded the song "Heaven's Girl" with R.Kelly, Ronald Isley & Charlie Wilson on Quincy Jones 1996 album Q's Jook Joint.He still has to work in some of his acting and that way he can be one of the very best. He is seen using the popular social networking sites nowadays. He has an amazing 190 thousand followers on Instagram. He is exquisite looking, and it seems like he is very tall too.He is not only a brilliant actor, but he has done amazingly well as a DJ too. He was born in a place called Archway which lies in London of United Kingdom. He has already posted on the site more than 870 times till now. His height is 1.82 meters which are close to a six feet mark. He is a wealthy man, and there is no doubt about it.This year only he was nominated for the category of Factual Entertainment for his work in Reggie Yates: The Insider, BBC Three. However, he was dating his girlfriend Tia Ward before the couple decided to get engaged. He could have been an awesome family man, but sadly his dreams were broken after the split up.He has already won Royal Television Society Television Awards for his sensational work for Extreme Russia. The couple got engaged, but sadly his engagement with his fiance broke, and the couple had to split.

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As a solo singer, Hall's hits include the #1 R&B single, "Don't Be Afraid" (from the Juice soundtrack in 1992 and also on the popular videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, playing on New jack swing radio station CSR 103.9), the original and the remix of "Don't Be Afraid" was produced Hank Shocklee from The Bomb Squad, who also produced Public Enemy's music.

Hall reunited with his brother and Riley as Guy on their 2000 reunion album, Guy III, which featured the modest hit, "Dancin'".

In July 2005, Aaron Hall released his most recent album entitled Adults Only: The Final Album.

Though he is a famous singer, many people have claimed that Mr. He is only a great singer who is liked by everyone.

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