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We did all of this traveling with our Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones, but clearly it’ll work with pretty much any i Phone or other up-to-date Android device.Our itinerary, for reference, was Seattle to Frankfurt airport, then a combination of air and rail to Barcelona, Madrid, and Cordoba, and finally back to Seattle via Frankfurt airport.Our Barcelona to Madrid AVE took two-and-a-half hours.An airline flight would have been 90 minutes, but once you tack on another 60-90 minutes for airport check-in and screenings, it’s a wash at best.It’s amazing the difference five years makes when traveling with tech.In April 2013, I felt as though I was living on the edge when I took a 10-day trip to France, doing my best to go paperless and grab whatever cheap internet connectivity I could.Another power-saving approach is to keep your phone in airplane mode even when you’re on the ground, only turning on Wi Fi or cellular data when you need real-time connectivity.

I used Amazon’s Prime Photos, which includes limited free photo storage for Amazon customers, and unlimited for Prime subscribers. No, it won’t always work where you want it to, such as in automated subway or other ticket machines, which expect a PIN and not a signature to complete the transaction.

Either is a smart move 60-90 days out from when you’re traveling to get advance discounts. There’s no reason to do a walking tour with your nose in a guidebook.

Take advantage of many free downloadable audio walking tours.

But I only take the e Book versions with me on the road, avoiding weight and bulk, and reference them on my phone after I arrive.

Key to making this work is to highlight important sections in advance so you can quickly find that city-specific tip you need in the Amazon Kindle app.

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