Galaxy angel dating game

Each ship has a varying amount of weapons (with differing damage, range and accuracy values), armor, speed, acceleration, mobility and evasion. Eonia Transbaal, a formerly exiled prince of the Transbaal royal family, launches a coup d'etat with an automated fleet of unknown origins.

Ships have three key stats: Ships move in three dimensions, although orders can only be issued on a two-dimensional plane. He seizes the capital planet of Transbaal, killing the current monarch, King Gerald, and usurping the throne.

The goal is generally to eliminate all enemies while protecting the Elle Ciel, although some levels will have additional objectives. An elevated morale has significant effects on the Frame's damage, accuracy, evasion and Spirit charge rate.

Tact leads the Angel Troupe through a series of battles with Eonia's forces, while getting acquainted with the Angels and earning their trust.

Along the way, they enlist the aid of the Blancmanche Corporation and encounter the Hell Hounds, a mercenary squadron hired by Eonia to fight the Angel Troupe.

Luft informs Tact that he and the Angel Troupe are invited to a ball celebrating the victory and Shiva's return, after which he will be relieved of command of the Angel Troupe and the Elle Ciel.

Tact goes to the ball with the Angel closest to him (canonically Milfeulle) as his partner, and they share a last dance together.

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