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I am good at drawing, singing, adore active lifestyle, travelling, reading . I want my man to love me for who I am, to love my soul .... I want to feel myself safety in hugs of strong, clever man, who loves me and gives me all his tenderness. How sweet will be to feel, that near you there is a man, who can help and support you in any situation, who gives you a good advice, when you really need one.

When I was a child I went to ballet and then when I became older, I was in athletics professionally. Instead of that, I promise to give him the ocean of my love. And only in such way, I’d feel myself completely happy. A man for whom family will be in priority and on the first place, family-oriented, well-educated, balanced, tactful, sportive and who takes care of himself. Somebody with whom I could share impressions of my trips, & share these trips ofcourse :) Somebody with experience. I dream to meet a man with whom we would love and respect each other, with whom I will be able to feel like a woman, and he would feel like a real man next to me.

I need the man which knows how to show feelings, love, care, and understanding it is very important in relations.

As soon as I feel that I can trust him, I will follow him anywhere all over the world. I need a man who will be sincere and kind, warm hearted and strong, playful and passionate.

Sie möchten eine Frau aus Russland, der Ukraine oder einem anderen Land in Osteuropa kennenlernen?

Wir bieten den europäischen Singles die online Kontaktanzeigen Frauen aus Russland und Osteuropa.

Of course, I’d like he’ll be family oriented person, who think about serious relationship and in such way we could create life lasting relationships of which warmth and flame will make our love stronger and stronger. I consider that the real man is the leader, earner and defender. I am like a lonely flower in the desert that needs water to grow and be happy.

We are far from each other now, but that is just the question of time.. I am not afraid of difficulties, I know what it means to work hard and I am not here to look for the easy way.. I seriously concern our acquaintance, I don't like to waste time ...I want to meet such a man and for him I could be the best woman and the best wife.In my opinion, both man and woman should do their best to make relations long and endless. If a man or women are indifferent then it won’t be possible to build strong and loving family.I am not afraid of any problems; I am convinced that we will be able to resolve them together.I am ready to spend as much time as it is necessary to really know each other..A few of the website's users have been arrested and charged under criminal law. IMGSRC boasts of 637,000 users who have uploaded 38 million photographs as of 2014.Continue Reading Many photographs on i MGSRC are posted legally, but thousands are posted under an encrypted password that members need in order to gain access to and view the photos.I am looking for a loyal, faithful, loving, sensual but strong and reliable man.I want you to be a affectionate husband and a caring father.While the National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom monitors photographs posted to the website, the organization can only arrest individuals if they post illegal material.In spring 2014, a New Jersey man named Alex Gonzalez was arrested and charged with posting sexually explicit photographs of a 15-year-old high school student on i MGSRC.

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