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At right you can find the localization of Bastia on the map of France. A road map, and maps templates of Bastia are available here : "road map of Bastia".This map show Bastia seen by the satellite of Google Map.(The distances to these nearby towns of Bastia are calculated as the crow flies) The population of Bastia was 37 880 in 1999, 43 577 in 2006 and 43 315 in 2007.The population density of Bastia is 2 235.04 inhabitants per km².

Nearby cities and towns of Bastia are : Ville-di-Pietrabugno (20200) at 2.33 km, San-Martino-di-Lota (20200) at 4.56 km, Furiani (20600) at 4.98 km, Barbaggio (20253) at 5.44 km, Santa-Maria-di-Lota (20200) at 5.94 km, Patrimonio (20253) at 6.99 km, Farinole (20253) at 7.68 km, Biguglia (20620) at 7.90 km.

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The city of Bastia is located in the district of Bastia.

The area code for Bastia is 2B033 (also known as code INSEE), and the Bastia zip code is 20600.

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