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Kathy has embraced her role as the clear dominant partner and is the ultimate authority in our home.We no longer have the strife, tension, passive-aggressive behaviors or unresolved conflicts in so many traditional marriages.But at heart he is a masculine, but naturally submissive man.Kathy, on the other hand is a warm, feminine and sexy woman.

While we are both strong, independent and successful people we do not solve problems or handle conflict in the same manner.It has had a profound and positive effect on Gary’s behavior and obedience.Domestic discipline has also reinforced Kathy’s authority, resulting in what we now feel is a near perfect marriage.This book functions as a “tell it like it is” guide about Female Led Relationships (FLR).The author explains how couples can create a FLR that fits into real life instead of fantasy.As a strong, masculine but submissive man, it was also natural for Gary to embrace the subservient role in our marriage.Gary has embraced and thrived on taking Kathy’s direction and orders.Since we, personally, practice the traditional form of domestic discipline, it has been easy to cover that dynamic ourselves. How old you are, how long you’ve been married (or, in a relationship), how you heard about domestic discipline, what made you start practicing, etc? We discovered the components of a wife led marriage (WLM) or female led relationships (FLR) almost 3 years ago, and actually renewed our wedding vows to be consistent with a wife led marriage.But, we want to make sure that we don’t exclude the other dynamics such as The Spencer Plan dynamic, the FLR (female-led relationship) dynamic, the CDD (Christian Domestic Discipline) dynamic, and more. can be applied to any of the different dynamics, we wanted to go a bit further and give readers an inside look at the FLR dynamic. Our renewed wedding vows included Gary’s commitment to “obey” Kathy, and for Kathy to accept her role as head of our household and the final authority on all decisions in our home.We started practicing domestic discipline about 6 months ago thinking it might enhance our already fulfilling wife led marriage.Incorporating domestic discipline into our WLM has been one of the best things we have ever done.

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