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(There is much debate in the office as to how much this Matthew Hicks fellow actually resembles Harry, but your blogger maintains they look about as much alike as a broom and Matthew Mc Conaughey.) The first contestant we hear speaking drawls (in a voice similar to Cecily Strong’s in those “And we’re not porn stars anymore” sketches on -esque surroundings.

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The programme is broadcast on weekdays in a daytime slot, with shortened repeats often shown in the evening prime time.

After watching a recent episode, one fan tweeted her asking: "I don't understand how it was @marnie Gshore birthday in the house a couple of months ago and it's also Marnie's birthday today?

"Marnie then decided to re-post the tweet along with the response: "It's coz it's fake and scripted."She then swiftly deleted it – but only after it was seen by her loyal army of Twitter she show is pretty much a work of fiction, he probably cut a few ties over at E4. "The guys are completely characterless fops, it's ridiculous." Don't mince your words, will you.... family – and she probably won't be welcome back either, thanks to a certain tweet.

Gould's sensitivity came to the forefront in a later episode featuring a sumo wrestling contest. Pat", causing a real-life head injury that forced her to be taken to the hospital.

Gould eventually won the contest but was disturbed by the incident.

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