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He then sees Shin Hae-Sung tippy-toeing to the backdoor. Shin Hae-Sung has a key for the door and they are able to go inside.

Shin Hae-Sung is then caught by teacher Yang Jin-Min (Park Jin-Young), while Jin Yoo-Jin is able to flee.

Eden member JB enters the office of Oz Entertainment.

Lee Kang-Chul, the president of OZ Entertainment, tells JB that because of their performance the other night, Eden and idol girl group Hersh E are now banned from the TV station.

Jin Yoo-Jin is good at producing music and even sells his music to other students needing it for their homework. He just silently cared for her while watching her being together with JB.

Jin Yoo-Jin finally agrees to edit her music, but only if he thinks it's any good. Most of the characters were a little bit annoying and obnoxious, and it just was a full on bother...

Competition then brews between troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transfered idols from Oz Entertainment.

Shin Hae-Sung (Kang So-Ra) enters Kirin High School of Art with a high written exam score, but poor performance scores.

He attempts to cure his pain caused by his parent's divorce through music. (ep.1) Rian (Park Ji-Yeon) is schooting a scene with an actor.

At a TV station, Hyun Ji-Soo (Kahi) from Oz Ontertainment and staff members for the TV music program waits for idol boy band Eden to arrive.

JB (JB) gets there on time, but his partner from Eden, Si-Woo (Park Seo-Joon), is late.

Later, Shin Hae-Sung has dinner with her father, who is a minister in Cheongju. Maybe, it's better if they did the storyline based on the first season and starting form Hye Mi's sister that is currently a student at kirin from Dream High 1's last episode. Rian is just obnoxious, even though she can be kind sometimes, I just do not like her most of the times.

Her father wants Shin Hae-Sung to become a minister like him and enter the seminary. Hope they'll have "Dream High: The REUNION" But, Yes, they all have good lessons. You will find yourself more in every step that you make in reaching your dream. JB is obnoxious too, and then even though he does not like her at all at first, he suddenly gains a liking for Hae Sung without having any reason for liking her, appearantly he just do.

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  1. I found her notion that men who don’t have their kids full time are somehow less of a father than ones that do to be abhorrent. I asked a swath of friends what their opinion was and it was largely in line with what my wife and her friend thought.