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And since his predecessors in his spiritual lineage had multiple wives, certainly he should have them. There is something wrong with you that only he has identified because he is so enlightened. While he is free to enjoy his spiritually-sanctioned dalliances, you’re in big trouble if he even thinks you’re cheating on him. He convinces you that you are weak because you have human feelings, and he is strong and enlightened because he is a master of non-attachment.He’s not a womanizer — he’s just really good at not getting attached!He is a master of using psycho-babble and “non-violent communication”.

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Want private healing sessions or lessons in spiritual practice? Anybody Who Ideologically Justifies Polyamory: If he’s really “progressive”, this man can quote . He has so much spiritual mojo that he is simply gifting it to all the women he’s intimate with. The Healer Who Has A Special Treatment Just For You: This man has identified that something is wrong with you. Since he thinks he’s G-d, he feels entitled to your body.Question what he’s doing and he’ll back it up with scripture, or explain to you that it’s part of the teacher-student relationship.The Religious Man To Whom The Rules Don’t Apply: He sure knows all the rules. His spiritual position entitles him to exploit you however he wants to!He can recite them backward and forward, in multiple languages (Sanskrit! The Crusader For Justice Who Makes You Feel Dumb: This man knows everything about justice. He quotes Marx, Mandela, and Maimonides in the same sentence. If there was a big protest, he was not only there but he was on the front lines fighting the cops and he has a scar on his inner thigh that he wants to show you to prove it. So lofty is his goal that he doesn’t need to be nice to regular people like you.It surprises me not an iota that a sexual predator would become a prominent new-age guru.The guru-student relationship is fertile land for sexual misbehavior to flourish in.The talk of the town last week was about a New York Times profile of an (accused) rapist/serial womanizer/wife-abuser ex-rabbi who essentially got kicked out of the Jewish world and has successfully resurrected himself as a new-age guru.His name is Marc Gafni, and I actually know/know-people-who-know women whom he messed with.He’s on a special mission to teach very young women (even girls) how to be women.The Clergy Man/Guru Who Wants Your Money: He can convince almost anyone (and especially women) to financially support his “mission”. A final word: These creepy guys are out there in droves, and almost everyone who is involved in religion and/or spirituality will meet one at some point. Chaya Kurtz is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn.

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