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Having said that, Dim Dim product looks okay to me for basic web conferencing and scores on ease of use.

But, the free version gradually is being marginalised and if you use the free version, you notice how much shout is there about upgrade.

I have also used Camtasia to record someone else's elluminate meeting.

For the moment, I just want to use it for small meetings of less than 5 people, but I would like to be able to record the events. It would be nice if a web-conferencing programs also allowed the recording and editing features that you find in Camtasia.

I really would like to avoid separately setting up an account with a hosted provider or going through a complicated install / configure. Ross During the last three year we experienced many web-conferencing tools.

John The marketing policy of Dim Dim has not been open at all.

Now, the delay in open source update is simply too much.

In fact, Dim Dim has most likely used the free word of mouth publicity associated with open source product as a stepping stone.

As of this reply, Big Blue Button was still working out some kinks on their whiteboard feature.

However, a good, free whiteboard application/website is .

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