Dylan sprouse dating now

During his time away from the spotlight, he has been working hard along with his longtime bud and fellow Disney Channel alum Doug Brochu on their business, All-Wise Meadery and Dayna has been by his side, becoming such great friends with Doug and his girlfriend too. The real question is what is going to happen to their beloved dog Magnus?!

Things are going to be a bit awkward for this friend group now. They welcomed the little one into their family together when he was just a tiny little puppy and he's only ever known a life in Brooklyn living with both his mom and dad.

Fans are legit very torn up over these cheating allegations and subsequent breakup, taking to Twitter to vent their feelings. Now, it's safe to say these two most likely no longer live together, so perhaps they'll get joint custody?

Or maybe Magnus will stay with Dylan since it's clear he has such a close bond to the pooch, but we're sure Dayna does too. Hopefully, these two can work things out so they're cordial with each other for Magnus' sake but it's kind of hard to not feel hurt and betrayed by a cheating scandal.

So, Dylan and Dayna have been dating since 2014, with rumblings of a possible split in 2016.

Being in a relationship with someone, it’s a relationship between those two people, and I feel like when you let enough people in, it’s not about those two people anymore.

It’s about everyone." So nope, not getting anything out of her. When he spoke to [cast] are now engaged in dating scandals beyond our wildest anticipation.

It’s not like I’m in some kind of contract, but I’m not in the place where I want to talk about it, and that’s totally fine.

It’s called a private life for a reason—it’s mine, and it’s special and sacred.

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