Dropbox folder not updating on mac

The first order of business is to check that the Dropbox process is running on your computer.On Windows, this will be in the Taskbar, just click the up arrow to see the Dropbox icon. I use a Windows computer so will troubleshoot using that. If you don’t see it there: Sometimes the Dropbox process hangs or gets interrupted.…from list to column then back again, for instance…Sometimes, Dropbox doesn’t sync properly which is apparently a common complaint with the cloud storage service.The link above takes you to the page describing those.

Occasionally, files will sync up to One Drive okay but either get stuck or just not sync with Dropbox.Today I had the strange behavior that I added some files to a folder in Finder (that happens to be in dropbox) from Outlook, but Finder did not show them.I could see them from the Open File dialog of Outlook and of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, but returning to Finder, still not there.It is easy to overlook it and accidentally enable it or place a file in a folder with Selective Sync enabled. To help manage network latency and preserve integrity, Dropbox caches data in order to facilitate uploads. Then move on to the next only if the preceding step doesn’t fix the problem.This tutorial assumes your computer and internet connection are working properly and that you have checked both.Select from the list of errors below to find out what to do next.Notes before you get started If you have two nearly identical file names, you may see a "Whitespace conflict." A whitespace conflict means that two files names are identical except that one has an extra space at the end of the file name.Occasionally, you may see an error message related to Dropbox file sync.These errors may appear on the Dropbox folder on your computer, or on the Dropbox icon in the system tray or menu bar.

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