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The building does contain some Japanese-language publications for reference.

It is not every day that you come across a jet aircraft parked on the forecourt of a car main dealer’s service centre.

Some drivers unfamiliar with the locale must be momentarily taken aback by that very sight as they pass Saitama Subaru Sakitama Garden, heading along the road that follows the Musashi Canal in the city of Gyoda.

The aircraft in question was the last Fuji T-1B jet trainer produced by Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), which aside from its aviation business interests manufactures cars under the Subaru brand.

While gradually compiling the Tokorozawa coverage, J-Hangar Space offers 10 Aviation Museum Reports: (1) The that is conveniently located in downtown Tokyo.

Although not dedicated entirely to aviation, the facility makes an ideal stopping-off point on the standard tourist route or for anyone passing through Tokyo on a tight schedule.

In the summer, the building serves as a cool (in both meanings of the word), informative oasis.(6) The JGSDF Public Information Center at Kasumigaura Army Camp, Ibaraki Prefecture (7) The Zero Fighter Museum (Kawaguchiko Aviation Hall), Yamanashi Prefecture (8) JGSDF Kisarazu Army Camp Museum, Chiba Prefecture (9) JGSDF Tachikawa Army Camp Museum, Tokyo (10) Aichi Museum of Flight, Nagoya-Komaki airport, Aichi Prefecture (and Nagoya Air and Space Museum, Oct.2000) (Visited on April 6, 2014, the museum at Kumagaya AB in Saitama Prefecture features on the Location Reports page.) This section currently ends with a single-entry report, giving the story behind a propeller at the JASDF Shizuhama base museum.The aircraft’s innovative Fenestron shrouded tail rotor, which was developed by Sud Aviation, has been removed and placed on adjacent display, as has an example of its Turboméca Arriel 1C1 engine.The plaque at the nose of the aircraft states that the TFD adopted the Aerospacial (sic) Dauphin II as the follow-on helicopter to the Alouette III.In this case, steps and a ramp lead up to the cockpit, but the aircraft is also surrounded by metal railings that somewhat hinder photography.On the third floor, Aérospatiale (Sud Aviation) 365N Dauphin II JA9569 has been converted into a “hands-on” exhibit for the younger visitor, with the space in the rear of the cockpit made available for watchful parents to rest and literally take a back seat.Under the right conditions and with a little imagination, the helicopter’s rooftop location does give the impression of “flying” over the Tokyo skyline.Note the pair of genuine, 1960s-vintage anti-torque pedals.Devoid of its main rotor and resting in an undignified manner on its fuselage for ease of entry and egress, the aircraft’s instrument panel (now Perspex protected) and flying controls are still in place.A video screen has been installed in a simulator-like fashion directly in front of the windscreen to show footage of TFD helicopter operations.

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