Down with dating

” And people would say, “Oh, one in every fifteen.” So I'm trying to solve that with a tangible product and make the app experience feel a little bit better.

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I want to help people find healthy, happy relationships and make the world feel like a little bit smaller of a place.It's very conceivable that Gen-Z'ers are going to go on their first date through dating apps and learn about romance, companionship, courtship through dating apps.So, the idea is about helping people relate to each other better.Profiles are detailed and extensive, users can browse for matches by searching hashtags pertaining to their interests or topics of conversation, and then there's the app's signature: an "icebreaker" question users add to their profiles, giving potential matches an easy way to strike up a discussion (sans the boring "Hey, whats up?" messages common on what feels like every other dating app).Earlier this year, 27-year-old entrepreneur Michael Bruch started Sweet Pea, a dating app that aims to improve how we communicate with one another.If you are reading this on a smartphone, you may be rolling your eyes: There are, precisely, three hundred dating apps out there—all of which claim to have the same goal.It could be whatever you’re thinking about at the time, or any topic of conversation.The icebreakers help people find some sort of common point of interest and begin a conversation.I wanted to make it feel more human and nuanced, and less transactional than other platforms like Tinder or Linked In.Recently, one of the early executives of Facebook, Chamath Palihapitiya gave a talk where he admitted that he doesn’t want his children using Facebook or Instagram.

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