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She recently changed her Instagram profile name to Liz Dotcom ahead of the nuptials.

Kim’s relationship with Elizabeth was his first since his wife of five years, Mona, left him in May 2014.

Chertorofsky I am a single widowed man age 49 who has met some personable, attractive women on ) because so many profiles that I have seen are poorly constructed and not thoughtfully put together.

Which is why I feel compelled to tell my story of what NOT to write in order to find a mate -- or just a date. Look happy, look fun, look exotic if you want, but the picture you post should be engaging and reflect you. Sometimes the pictures people put up look like they just came out of prison.

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"I have a habit of turning bad anniversaries into good anniversaries by doing beautiful things that outshine bad events," he said.

"January 20 will always be a special day in my life.

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economy on solid footing, American workers may be feeling better about their career prospects, but most aren’t thrilled with their actual jobs.

Dotcom managed to keep the wedding ceremony a secret and only posted photos of him and his bride on social media after the wedding. It is Dotcom's first public relationship since he separated from his wife, Mona Dotcom.

Dotcom took to Twitter before the wedding to call Elizabeth his "Wonder Woman", saying "I'm so lucky and happy". Earlier on Saturday, Dotcom posted a picture of his dog on Twitter saying "my best man has arrived".

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Which Of The Edward Preston & Sons Planes Made It Into The Record Lineup?

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