Dodge sirius updating channels

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Download page with software update for the RER (note: NOT RHR): The 2.402 is the most current software revision and should not only fix the "updating channels" issue (fixed in 2.401) but also improve i Phone 4 compatibility.If you shut off the vehicle for 30 minutes to an hour when you start the vehicle the audio will work again.If you don't wait at least 30 minutes the audio will not work after shutting off and staring back up.I'd recommend you do this with the engine running (should only take 5-10 minutes or so).There are a couple prompts you will need to OK as things progress, but it generally does everything itself.The audio on the radio will go out if you have something plugged into the aux and change the driver seat setting.Everything on the radio works as normal just no sound. Sirius is changing the channel guide, most of our channels will be changed to new numbers MAY 4th.This sucks, but if it will help eliminate the constant channel updating I'm all for it! IGN&utm_medium =Email&utm_campaign=CHALIGNMENT2011 __________________ The "constant channel upgrading" had nothing to do with this.Sirius keeps sending a refresh signal but to no avail.MB service does not seem to have a clue and wants me to bring it in for a diagnostic. Acquiring signal makes me think its an issue with the antenna wire/connection but the "updating channels" message means the antenna is working. Unless the signal is hanging on by a thread and trying to update the channels but it cant hold a signal long enough to download the update. There is likely an issue in the connection from the antenna to the radio -- unless you can tear apart your car and chase that wire, you're going to have to bring it in anyway. I own an 09 C300 MB and cannot seem to get any help from MB or Sirius for a problem with this service.

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