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Wallpapers range from pristine examples with complete repeats to small fragments.

Cataloguing and digitization of this collection is supported by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Select your favorite Cazenovia College image and follow the directions (provided at right) to set the image as your computer wallpaper.

Click on the link of the image size that you want for your desktop.

Well, I'm a lady and in my own opinion, most guys who use their girlfriends picture as their wallpaper or profile picture of some social media app actually cherish and adore their babes.

I'm not saying that those that don't do that don't cherish their babes, but it's sort of a way of saying, “You're beautiful", “I cherish you “, “I wanna let the world know you're mine”.

Once it has finished loading, click on the image with your *RIGHT* mouse button and scroll down to "Set as Wallpaper" in the menu.

Windows will automatically place it as your desktop.

Prior to 1760, only the wealthiest colonists in urban centers in New England could afford to decorate their homes with wallpaper but it became increasingly available as the century progressed.The simplest of these were called sprig patterns like this neatly composed daisy.This is a timeless design and were it not for the stamp found on the reverse, it would be difficult to determine that it was an English paper printed in the eighteenth century.Like all early references, it is more descriptive of quantity than of design.Only one wallpaper in Historic New England’s collection with a history in New England dates to this early period; it was later used to cover a copy book of poetry in 1783.Below, read a history of wallpaper written by Richard Nylander.The earliest record of wallpaper in America is in the estate inventory of a Boston stationer in 1700, where “7 quires of painted paper and three reams of painted paper” were listed.Fascination with the Orient created colorful and fanciful depictions of Westerners interpretations of Chinese design known as “Chinoiserie.” Before the American Revolution the majority of wallpapers used in the American colonies were imported from England.As early as 1712, England established a tax on wallpaper of 1d (pence) per square yard in addition to the tax levied on the individual undecorated sheets of handmade paper used to make a roll.Much of the expense of these early wallpapers was due to the fact that the rolls they were printed on had to be made up of individual sheets of paper glued together and that they were hand-printed with wood blocks, one block for each color of the design.The most sumptuous eighteenth-century wallpapers were the flocked patterns which imitated silk or wool damasks and cut velvets.

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