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People differ in weight, height, personal elements, age and nutritional requirements among others.

It will be a great mistake to assume that similar fitness working system will deliver positive results to all.

Raj told me that we will have to give some money to the police to speed up the procedure. My name was called and I went inside with Raj and Anil. He took his dick out and sprayed it all over my face holding my hair in his hands. I thought in my mind I got one month and Shekhar wanted to fuck me in the jail of his police station and the shopkeeper wanted to gang rape me.

I saw the policeman and I was surprised to see him as I knew him. Shekhar had also said that he wanted to share me with a superior officer so that he can get a promotion.

” I just blush and he knows I also like to be nude with him. He held my hair and kissed my red juicy lips and inserted his tongue inside and started rolling with mine. Made me stand like a dog at the edge of the bed and inserted his dick from behind. Next day I left his place to get my clothes for a month.

He asked me to come to his place in the evening for coffee. I got ready in the evening wearing a transparent red saree and a deep cut blouse, tied my long silky black hair to a bun and did a light make up with red lip stick, sindhoor and wore my red bangles. He is married but his family was in his native place. He said, ” tu aaj bhi ekdum chudakkad item lagti hai jaise college mein lagti thi. He asks me, “Chaitrali kya tu aaj nangi mere saath raat bitaogi? And I was standing nude in front of him with my long hair open. He fucked me for 5 mins and then took me to the bed.

The information is provided in easy-to-follow steps.One day my husband called me and told me that he wants to take me and asked me to apply for a passport. He took the witness’s signature and they both left. “Chaitrali, kya tu college jaise ab bhi rundigiri karti hai? Par tune teri aamo ko aur teri machalti gaand ko bohot achhe se maintain kiya hai. We smooched for a while and he took me in his arms and placed me on the table. He went to my nipples and started licking them and sucking them. He held my long silky hair in his hands and started pulling me towards him and hitting my ass hard. “Chaitrali tere lambe baalon ko pakadkar teri chut ko chodne mein bohot mazaa aa raha hai. I called Suresh and told him about my sexcapade with the police.So I applied for it and I got a call from the local police station for the inspection and was asked to come with a witness. We went to the police station and there were 2 people before me for the inspection. He said normally people give me money for moving the files faster, but I would love to have a coffee with you. Maine suna hai ki tere pati ne tujhe kaafi freedom de rakhi hai. Aaj police station mein sabhi hawaldar keh rahe the, ki ek item cheez aayi hai police station mein, kuch passport ke kaam se. “Chaitrali tere bade ball kaafi firm aur tight hai. Raanndddd Chaitrali.” He fucked me hard for a while and when he was ready to cum. He got excited and said he had already made all the arrangements of the house for me to arrive and join him. He said whenever he calls just tell him I have come out to my friend’s place. I had tied my long silky hair to a bun with a lace. The seat was so small that it couldn’t fit the entire circumference of my big round ass. Mujhe pata hai teri is garam badan mein kitni aag hogi, pati ke bina. Mere aamo ko kisi mard ne pakadkar kaafi time hue hai. He said you can stay with me for a month till the passport gets done. I asked what if my husband calls and asks about my whereabouts. The moment I came out he started staring at my body from top to toe. He asked me, “Chaitrali tera ye akelapan main duur kar sakta hu. “I leave a sigh and say no, ” Nahi ise kisine nahi chua hai.We'll be adding new classes frequently, so check back often.Feel free to link to parts of FANDOM University on your own community's main page, navigation, or anywhere else where members of your community look for help and guidance.When purchasing, you must provide the entire information about yourself.That helps in the selection of the most suitable program that will deliver positive results. I was wearing a yellow transparent saree with a deep cut blouse and I had tied my long black hair flowing till my bums. ” I blushed on his compliment and he took me inside his bedroom. And my long silky hair cascades down and covers my plump of bum which is bulging out of the edge of the stool. I licked the tip of it and cleaned the wet pre cum. Took it out and kissed it with my red juicy wet lips. He started pushing it inside out slowly and later started fucking me faster. He gets up and goes behind me and open the lace with which my hair is tied up. “Chaitrali teri yeh rasili chut ko mai aaj chod chodkar phad doonga. He then took his dick near my face and I opened my wet slutty mouth to take it inside. He took it out of my mouth, placed me at the edge of the table and inserted his dick inside me.

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