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Most secular science magazines censor challenges to evolution.This quote shows how Spong puts the cart before the horse: he uses ‘objective’ evolutionary science to ‘disprove’ traditional theism; the truth, as Watson admitted, is that (molecules-to-man) evolution is a deduction from the denial of theism.To answer these questions, we must look at Spong’s world view.Spong jettisons belief in God as the supernatural lawgiver.

The Christian philosopher Norman Geisler stated: Natural law is a description of the way God acts regularly in and through creation (Ps.

Spong approaches the Bible with his own politically correct spectacles.

This leads him to impose his political and social stereotypes upon the Bible with a crude dogmatism devoid of scholarly insight.

However, the disparaging reference to the intervening God of history suggests a further dimension to Spong’s world-view and beliefs.

In his books, reasoned argumentation has been replaced by special pleading and sweeping assertions characteristic of the caricatures of fundamentalists Spong himself attacks.

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