Dating peruanas

Most work is done during daylight hours; people rise early and go to bed early.The herding of sheep, llamas, and alpacas takes place at elevations above the limits of agriculture; pastoralists follow a distinct annual cycle that in many ways is more difficult (and certainly more isolated) than that of rural farmers.

Several such celebrations have taken on national importance; the processions in Lima each October related to the Señor de los Milagros (“Lord of Miracles”; referring to a colonial-era image of Christ that survived an earthquake in 1655) are the most important.

Religious festivals, weddings, baptisms, and similar occasions are often the only disruptions to the rigours of rural life, and these events are communal, with entire villages sharing in a family’s celebration.

The daily life of the residents of Peru’s cities varies with social class.

Seviche (raw fish marinated in lemon or lime juice) is popular throughout Peru.

In urban areas, people dress in typical Western-style clothing.

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