Dating old singer sewing machines

Deals in Sheet Pressing Machine, Rotary Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine, Four Bar Rotary Creasing Machine, Eccentric Slotter Machine, Vertical Type Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine, Corrugated board sheet guling machine, thread book sewing machine, Oblique Type Single Face Paper Corrugation Machine...Deals in Loop Stitching Machines, File Master Machine, stitching machines, Twin Head Stitching Machines, Double Head Book Stitcher, loop cum normal book stitcher, book stitcher, Thread Book Sewing Machine, Lamination Machine, deluxe mode book stitcher, Die Cutting Machine, model box stitcher Deals in Uv Coating Machine, Semi Auto Flat Screen Printing Machine, Uv Offset Printing Machine, Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine, Uv Curing Machine, Wire Stitching Machine, thread book sewing machine, Pneumatic Pad Printing Machine, Sheet Fed Offset Press, Fully Auto Screen Printing Machine, Carton Punching and Creasing Machine...Deals in Paper Bag Machine, thread book sewing machine, Corrugation Machine, Pasting Machine, Carton Folding & Pasting Machine, Book Pressing Machine, Paper Bag Making Machine, Paper Cutting Machine, Carton Folding, Paper Carry Bag Making Machine, Paper Carry Bag Machine, Die Cutting Machine, Flexo Printer, Toilet Roll Making Machine...

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Even during the years of its manufacture it was sometimes ignored by the sewing public, as looking too much like a toy, and being too expensive for depression-era and wartime pocketbooks.Deals in Paper Pasting Machine, Carton Punching Machine, Packaging Machines, Double Profile Corrugation Machine, thread book sewing machine, Rotary Creasing Machine, Sheet Pressing Machine, Semi auto paper cutting machine, printing slotting machine, Corrugating Machine, High Speed Double Profile Single Face Corrugated Machine, Die...Deals in Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine, Automatic Paper Cutting Machine, Foil Roll Cutting Machine, Hot Foil Stamping Machine, Rotary Creasing Machine, Corrugated Sheet Pasting Machine, Carton Folding And Pasting Machine, thread book sewing machine, Board Cutter, Book Stitching Machine, paper stitching machine...Deals in Plate Punching Machine, Automatic Ruling Machine, Strip Gumming Machine, Semi Automatic Note Book Stitcher, plate processor, Digital Color Laser Printer, Three Knife Trimmer Machine, Corrugated Board Making Machine, Color Densitometer, Thread Book Sewing Machine, Digital Inkjet Printer...Deals in Drier Plate Making Equipment, Paper Drilling Machine, DENSI EYE 700, Web Ruling Machines - Line O Matic, Violet / Phopolymer Ctp Plate Processor, paper joggers, Computer Stationary Printing & Converting Machines, thread book sewing machines, Multiple Clamp Perfect Binder, post press equipment...Deals in Sheet Pasting Machine, Batch Coding Machine, Board Cutter, Printing Machines, allied machinery, paper stitching machine, thread book sewing machine, paper bag punching machine, Packaging Machines, paper counting machine, Label Gumming Machine, Eccentric Slotter, Semi auto paper cutting machine, Box Stitching Machines...Deals in thread book sewing machine, Lamination Machine, Paper Bag Making Machine, Gluing Machine, printer creaser, Printer, offset printing machine, Folding Machine, corrugated box making plant, paper creaser, Printing Machine, Box making machine, Packaging Machine, Corrugated Box Making Machine, colour ruling machine...Deals in paper counting machine, Paper Cutting Machine, Box Strapping Machine, Digital Printing Machine, automatic paper counting machine, offset printing machine, PAPER COUNTING AND FOLDING MACHINE, thread book sewing machine, packaging Machinery, Printing Machine, Corrugated Box Making Machine, Automatic Ruling Machine...Deals in aero engine parts, wind tunnel models, high precision gas turbine, high precision gas turbines, Double Sided Disc Ruling Machine, Thread Book Sewing Machine, Structural Parts, aircraft systems Deals in Die Cutting Machine, Thread Book Sewing Machine, Toilet Roll Making Machine, Automatic Paper Napkin Machine, paper core making machines, Paper Cutting Machines, full uv coating machine, spiral tube making machine, Paper Bag Making Machine, Aluminium Foil Rewinder, Book Stitching Machine...Deals in Bolt Head Trimming Machine, Perfect Book Binding Machine, Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine, High Speed Rotary Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine, Thread Book Sewing Machine, Book Stitching Machine, Programmable Guillotine Paper Cutting Machine, Rotary Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine, Cold Heading Machine...Deals in Heavy Duty Thread Book Sewing Machine Kmc-6000, Thread Book Sewing Machine, creasing machines, Box Stitching Machines, four head wire book stitching machines, Semi Automatic Thread Book Sewing Machine Model Kmc-7000, Automatic End Sheet Pasting Machine, cutting machines...

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