Dating etiquette in colonial times

The third goal is to provide a brief historical background of the Borana, and the fourth aim is to examine the impact of colonization on Borana women's roles.

The process of colonization which subsequently led to commercialization of pastoralism and gradual integration of the Borana into the colonial economic system is crucial in understanding the impact on women’s roles and Borana gender ideology.

The significance of these roles, according to the author, goes beyond their everyday use and symbolizes women’s cultural powers and identity within Borana society (Dahl There is a large body of literature on pastoralists that address various aspects of the society but very little on women.It sheds light on the impact of this integration on women’s roles.The paper concludes with areas for further research on Borana women’s roles in the post-colonial era.It is to be understood that Christianity reached Africa generally in the context of the European’s moral duty to change the traditional religious practices and beliefs of Africans.While both men and women were affected, it fell largely on women who dominated religious and ritual practices as a venue to assert their roles.At the same time, case studies regarding how women experienced changes did not - with exceptions -For example, Hilarie Kelly explore how roles, rights and gender relations have changed over time within pastoral production.Even so these studies have examined the status and roles of women as if they are a recent phenomenon when such roles have been part of a long tradition.The second goal is to examine the pre-colonial roles and status of pastoral women using the example of the Borana of northern Kenya.This contextualization is especially important as it does justice to the normally ignored experiences and roles of pastoralist women in their societies.In this study, it is demonstrated that while the pre-colonial women of the Borana did not enjoy full position of status relative to men, colonialism reinforced the differences between the roles of men and women, contributing further to the waning of Borana women’s pre-colonial roles and status.The paper explores the process by which Borana society was brought into contact with the colonial economy and commercialization of their pastoralist activities.

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