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The most common type of vase we have seen on our posts is the typical Chinese Famille Rose decoration.Famille Rose means 'the family of reds', refering to the enamel paints.So these two red seal marks say the same thing apart from the one on the left has the additional 3rd column on the right saying "Great Qing" - which is a reference to the lengthy Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1912) within which the Emperor Qianlong reigned from 1736-1795.“Da Qing Qianlong Nian Zhi” translates as "Great Qing Qianlong Period Make".

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The green tinted style (Familler Vert) has a transluscent see-through effect and pays homage to the paintings of the Kangxi period.We look at the the type of dishonest marks Chinese and Japanese makers have been using, and are still using.Above all the China Chat discussions are about helping us become much more aware of what are likely to have in our homes and stumble across in Garage sales.In Chinese, the same words can be written very differently. It is important to understand that an apocryphally marked item (made later than the era stated), does not render the item either a 'fake' or valueless.So in order to interpret what a mark says, we need to know which of the seemingly different characters are, in fact, saying the same thing. In essence, they are items made in homage to the great era of Chinese porcelain making.Chinese crackle glaze vase with elephant handles and blue marks written in Chinese I have a Chinese crackle glaze lamp of my grandfathers (born 1876 - 1972) It has been turned into a lamp in the past and has 4 markings on the base. I've jumped onto the "Minimalist" movement and have many totes …Chinese Blue White Crackle Vase - Appraisal & Research I need help finding any information and/or value of this blue porcelain vase. It was bought by her brother while a Chaplin in the …We have ongoing discussions going on about such diverse subjects as the red Qianlong Qing red seal marks of China, Japanese tea sets with the ladies head hidden in the base of the cups, Famille Rose porcelains from China and Japanese dragon tea ware, and lots more.If you'd rather get hands-on help with your identification & valuation needs, I can do so right now!This is the pottery identification marks - China Chat archive - Oriental/Far East section.We look to investigate some of the mysteries of the East.

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