Dating client

Do you casually drop it into conversation, or make it seem like you are telling a big secret?

Unfortunately, we still live in a society where sex work is stigmatised, and it makes disclosing feel like walking a tightrope. I’ve told dates I’m an escort, and been upfront about wanting to date rather than just hook-up, only to have my date fetishise my job and be inappropriately sexual.

Establish trust between you and your client and they'll have you in mind for further potential real estate transactions.

Hey, if you're lucky you might even get a call from them in the future.

If you watch the Bravo television series “Workout,” you’ve seen the entertaining and sensationalized side of gym-culture, spliced in with some of the realities of personal training. It’s just an easy environment to date in.” Perhaps you’ve seen this slippery slope before?

Recently the series called into question the ramifications of intimate relationships in the workplace. After all, a successful fitness training relationship relies on personal knowledge of the client, trust in the trainer, close physical proximities, and honest conversation.

It’s awkward for everyone, but it’s especially tricky when you are a sex worker. The “when to disclose” moment is always hard to navigate.

For example, stated in the “Grounds for Dismissal/Firing” section of our fitness employee manual, any personal trainer who has a sexual or romantic relationship with a client is subject to being removed from the staff. Similarly, fitness supervisors are not permitted to date the employees they supervise because of the inequities incurred, whether real or construed.I flutter my eyelashes, I make sure I am super interested in their discussion on the new Star Wars movie or Socrates, and I spin that fantasy.It can be hard to turn that off, when on or off the job.How you act, present yourself, and attend to your client will make a big impact not only on them but on the long-term partnership as well.Remember, your past clients are often a fruitful source for future client referrals and references and establishing your relationship early on, will only pay off down the road.No awkward discussion about being poly, as I am poly, or about boundaries and “what are we”, as the boundary lines are already set.But in reality, dating a client is also not workable.In a positive workplace with good supervision and appropriate professional boundaries, clear policies should help to reduce or eliminate conflicts of interest before they begin.In short, realtors must treat this relationship not so carelessly.My brand as an escort is about being myself, quirky and awkward at times, but honest.That’s a part of myself that I am off the clock and on, and it can muddle the waters of what persona I am presenting when on civilian dates.

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