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I may be a little late for post-thanksgiving coupons, but I might try to get them for post-Xmas sale. Option #2 -- load the web site each day starting on black friday and each day for a week the homepage will say "XYZ category 30% off today" Option #3 -- go to retail store, purchase any item and open a BB charge card to pay for it.

Side note, if anyone is into SHOES, the BB brand of Peal shoes are bench made in Northamption England (and recraftable).

Based on recommendations in several threads here, I have gone ahead and got myself two dress shirts from a nearby BB outlet. I am aware that this line is made for outlets-only and is not sold in retail stores.

Reading more, there seem to be a lot of reports/reviews that the BB merchandise sold in their outlet stores is somehow inferior to the ones available in retail stores and won't last as long.

So if I were mixing and matching on a budget I would personally get an 1818 suit and a dress shirt / OCBD from the retail store. I would get at the outlet if I wanted to save money. I still shop at outlets, but I prefer to buy from the standard retail store in order to get the best quality.

Keep in mind this is all coming from a guy who likes recraftable (American and English made) shoes that cost in the 0 to 0 range though -- I am really obsessed with clothing and footwear quality & materials -- and I don't often find value in the "cheap" stuff. You can get great deals when clothing retailers offer clearance prices extra % off coupon codes free shipping. Is it as simple as say, using the store once for some shopping, using BB online, or registering? however in my opinion the Traveler shirts when they are on sale at Josabanks @ 3 for are one of the best deals going. Maybe I spend too much, but ebates has sent me checks totaling 2 since I joined.

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