Dating an enfp

Then, I'm probably biased and or just been close to inmature ENFPs, but personally, I think INFPs are better partners, friends and often more authentic.

It's a sophisticated form of listening-- the kind of intelligence I need from people.

As a male ENFP who's best female friend is an INTJ and that is also slowly building a relationship with another female INTJ I want to share this with you.

It was a comment made by another fellow ENFP and I will merely post this here since I think it could be helpful for you and because I wouldn't even try sending this to the INTJs in my life (reading the wall of txt might explain why).

In my experiece a relationship with ENFPs consists in:-No personal mental space.

They think they are aware of changes in emotion, but they will ask you what's happening even when you have a neutral face and nothing is going on.-No exclusivity because in name of authenticity they may treat everyone like is their damn best friend since they were born even though they've just met them last week.-They won't wait until you ask them "how is it going" they'll tell you what happens to them the second it happens and probably without even processing it.-They often blame others or "the system" for what's happening to them.-They are very fond of toxic people, and that's why they can date INTJs or similar personalities (sometimes).-They act like they love almost everyone, but yet they will talk shit about them with you because you're his or her partner.

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